Sarah’s Neighbor Departs-Quietly

Writer, Joe Mc,Ginniss, created a problem for Sarah Palin and hubby, Todd, because they believe in property rights as long as they can determine who is their neighbor. Todd paid a visit to the visitor and told him to depart, in haste, because his wife did not enjoy while gazing across the Bering Strait to have someone gazing across her yard. As a conservative, she believes in the rights of conservatives to decide who lives next to them. For God’s sake, if anyone could move in next door, there might even be a black face within smelling distance. After all, she certainly does not want her grandchild to be playing with some Muslim terrorist child or Jews or one of those other smelly foreigners. God made Alaska for God fearing Christian white folk, if you don’t believe me, just ask those Eskimos.

Well, Joe left to write a book. We assume it will depict the exciting time of living next door to the Palins and observing daughter Brtistol practicing for Dancing with the Stars and mom practicing her famous wink.