Sarkozy Acts Like Sarkozy-Bad News!

One can count on French President Sarkozy to put his foot in his mouth whenever there is no problem until his words create one. The people of Switzerland cast their ballots in favor of bigotry and prejudice which made it imperative for the French president to add a few choice words of idiocy. He came out strongly in opposition to those who attacked the Swiss for turning down the right of Muslims to build a mosque which had minarets. Negative comments concerning the Swiss vote led Sarkozy to add his two cents of idiocy. “Instead of condemning the Swiss out of hand, we should try to understand what they meant to express and what so many people in Europe feel, including people in France.”

Perhaps, one could understand what Sarkozy was seeking to convey, but he had to add, that people who believe in religion should “practice their religion in humble discretion.!” Huh! Take a walk through Paris and one will encounter great churches which certainly are not seeking to keep a low profile. I am lost-why should a religious person have to practice their religion “in humble discretion?”