Sarkozy And Merkel Clash

There are increasing reports of a drift between President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Merkel was upset at Sarkozy’s apparent arrogant manner of speaking to her and Germany about the need to accept nuclear energy. She also clashed with Sarkozy over the future of Airbus, a joint German-French company. Sarkozy’s popularity appears to be declining within France as he argues with union and gives mixed signals on his policy toward farmers. On one hand he appears to be urging the EU to abandon farm subsidies to farmers, but, on the other hand, he appears to be urging fixed prices.

Sarkozy is a brash individual who already upset many in the EU by claiming credit for ending the Libyan nurse crisis when, in actuality, EU negotiators almost had everything resolved until Sarkozy and his wife burst in to claim they had resolved the problem.