Sarkozy And The Imperial Presidency

Alexandr Vondra, former Czech deputy PM for European Affairs, blasted French President Ncolas Sarkozy for his a bsence from the EU Eastern Partnership Summit. “He has not made our EU presidency easier,” he told the French newspaper, Le Monde. In particular, what upset the Czech diplomat was “his imperial style has complicated the team presidency. When he wakes up in the morning, no one knows what his mood is like.” However, in addition to the absence of Sarkozy, neither the prime ministers of Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom or Austria was at the summit meeting.

Most probably, Sarkozy regards an eastern thrust as a counter weight to his favorite project of constructing a Union for the Mediterranean which Sarkozy believes is a way to integrate regional nations and keep Turkey from entering the European Union. At the meeting Sarkozy called to discuss this project, no representative from the Czech Republic was present. Is there a connection between the two events?