Sarkozy Attacks Roma

In most modern societies there is always a group which represents the “other,” the unwanted, the ones who do the dirty work of society. French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who is determined to be re-elected as president of the country, has initiated an anti-Roma campaign which resonates wonderfully with people in his country. After all, there was no crime or poverty in France until “those people” arrived. Immigration Minister Eric Besson, went on radio to explain recent events connected to tearing down Roma encampments and rounding up people so they can be deported back to Romania. He urged the French media to cease employing expressions such as, “les rafles” which in English means, “roundup” because that was the expression used by Vichy, French police when they rounded up 75,000 Jews who were sent to their deaths by the Germans. He wants everyone clear that his ministry is simply placing people on planes to be sent to another country. OK, so they tore down homes and put people onto buses, but it was all done in such a manner as to assist Romas to return home.

Bernard Debre, writing in Le Monde, emphasizes: “it wouldn’t be correct to link everything: integration, religion, terrorism and foreigners coming to France. There are French terrorists. There are French criminals. We need a rational immigration policy and an integration policy.”

I guess when all the Romas have been deported, oops, sorry for that word, France will no longer have crime or beggars or poverty.