Sarkozy Blasts Vatican On Holocaust Denial

President Sarkozy expressed his displeasure with the Vatican’s handling of the recent Holocaust denial on the part of Bishop Williamson who the Pope was prepared to readmit into the Catholic Church. “It is shocking, ” said the French President, “and it is unacceptable that someone in the 21st century can deny the Shoah, the martyrdom of the Jews.” Sarkozy called on the Vatican and the Pope to insist on changes in the views of Bishop Williamson. The Vatican announced that prior to being readmitted to the Church, Williamson must “unequivocally and publicly” change his views on the Holocaust. It also said that Pope Benedict had not known of the bishop’s Holocaust views prior to promising to allow him back into the Catholic Church.

The damage has been done and even if Bishop Wiliamson says he was wrong, few will believe there is sincerity in such statements. Unfortunately, Williamson simply spouts the ignorance of Holocaust deniers who prefer to ignore history due to their hatred of either Jews or Israel.