Sarkozy Envisions New Europe

President Sarkozy is taking advantage of France being at the helm of the European Union in order to push forward his ideas for the reconstruction of the institution. He believes “there have been errors in the way that Europe was built” which must be corrected if the EU is to become a powerful force in the world. Sarkozy regards the Irish “no” vote as a step backward that must be corrected and discover a new “way of building Europe.” The French president believes there are four key issues facing the EU– energy, the environment, immigration and defense.

The United States in its formation went through a similar process of change that is confronting Europe. The initial Articles of Confederation were ineffective because there was a lack of central organization and direction which eventually was corrected with the writing of the American Constitution that created a national government. Perhaps, Europe must undertake a constitutional convention in order to free itself from the current system which makes difficult central direction of the EU.