Sarkozy-“Get Lost You Bastard!”

Nicolas Sarkozy is frightened of losing his bid for re-election as president of France. So, what better strategy than to shift to the right and seek support from bigots and haters? On a recent tour in rural France, the president was approached by a farmer and his wife. The wife noted how difficult were the lives of hard working farmers. He insisted she had plenty. “But, we don’t have wha you have in the bank.. we have nothing… we’re living hand to mouth.” He responded: “And, I don’t own 40 hectares. OK” The president of France than turned to the husband and said: “get lost you sad bastard.”

This man seeks to become leader of a nation. On his trip to Paris, Sarkozy blasted Muslim youth by  describing them as “louts” and “rabble.” I assume these verbal attacks will secure votes from hating right wingers, but what do his words say about a man who wants to lead a nation?

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    I think Sarkozy  needs to get lost