Sarkozy Helps Launch Mediterranean Union

French President Sarkozy was able to bring together a summit of European Union and Mediterranean countries in order to establish the basis of a potential Mediterranean Union(MU). Leaders from 27 EU member states and 16 Middle Eastern and North African nations met to discuss possible projects in the areas of highway construction, a solar energy program, business development ventures, and an EU-Mediterranean University. “It was an extraordinary gamble,” he said “to bring together in the same room all the countries and Europe and the Mediterranean.” Sarkozy was pleased Israel and Arab nations were in the same room talking and discussing possible joint ventures.

At this point, the MU is an idea, it is a possibility, but even that is a step forward. Prime Minister Olmert talked with President Abbas and the head of Syria sat near him. Olmert insisted Israel was close to an accord with Palestinians.

Perhaps, the idea of a MU can become a vehicle which brings together the combined talents of Israelis and Arabs to create a vibrant and economically strong Middle East. It is in the interests of the EU and wealthy oil nations for this to become a reality.