Sarkozy Irritates Turkey

Nicholas Sarkozy, who ran as a tough guy in the mode of George Bush and Tony Blair, has already begun demonstrating how “toughness” does not necessarily equate to “intelligence.” Shortly after assuming the presidency of France he floated an idea to keep Turkey out of the European Union by having them organize a Mediterranean Union. This is a not very subtle message to Muslims that Sarkozy doesn’t want them in the EU.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul (who may wind up as president of Turkey) was furious at the suggestion and felt it was a deliberate insult to his nation. He pointedly noted, “putting obstacles to the progress of the negotiation process would amount to violating signatures and promises made in the past, which I do not think will happen.” As Gul correctly pointed out, “Turkey is one of the Mediterranean countries, but cooperation in the Mediterranean countries is one thing and cooperation within Europe is something else.”

Of course Israel, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Sarkozy’s beloved France are also Mediterranean nations so one wonders if he wants those nations out of the EU and forming their own little confederation?
Information from EU Observer