Sarkozy Knows Roma Are Responsible For World Crisis

President Nicholas Sarkozy refused to back down from telling the truth to the people of France. His efforts to drive Roma from France has resulted in blasting resolutions from the European Union which regards forcing citizens of the EU from a country as contrary to the rules of the organization. Sarkozy termed EU remarks as “outrageous” and “deeply hurting,” The dispute broke out when it was revealed the government’s drive to target Roma immigrants was “a priority” which most critics regard as blatant racism. Viviane Reding, EU commissioner of human rights accused the Sarkozy government of duplicity and threatened to take the French government to court. Of all the people in Europe to rush to his defense, it is not surprising Sarkozy’s new found friend is the Italian bigot, Silvio Berlusconi.

French police in the past few weeks have deported more than 1000 Roma to Romania and Bulgaria along with dismantling over 100 camps. Sarkozy’s response was a confused “we are not aiming at a given ethnic group.” So far, we have no reports of Americans in France being asked to return to the USA.