Sarkozy Not So Cosy With Unemployed!

World wide rise in immigration has opened the door for politicians to come out against anyone who cannot vote. If there is unemployment, simply gaze in the direction of the nearest immigrant and promise to send that person back to wherever he came from. President Nicholas Sarkozy has witnessed a serious decline in popularity which now makes uncertain his chance to get re-elected as president of France. He has directed attention to two groups-those without jobs and those from other nations who have a job in France.

Nick has made clear opposition to amnesty to those arriving in France without valid passports. He wants to do something, but lacking any plan Sarkozy promised to “toughen” conditions for foreigners in his fair land.

Of course, a man who has been divorced, conducted affairs while married, is certainly the best person to take a stand against gay marriage and since society needs “its benchmarks” of stable marriages, he does not think this is the time for gay marriage. Of course, if you want to cheat on your wife, that is OK as long as one is a man and one is a woman.