Sarkozy Urges Israel Peace With Palestinians

President Sarkozy of France is in Israel where he urged its leadership to undertake the perilous, but much needed, pursuit of peace with Palestinians. The French leader recognized there has been too much killing and fear in the region which makes imperative ensuring that peace can be assured as soon as possible. “There is no sense in counting more dead. Now, is the time to turn the page.” Sarkozy appeared to indicate a mistake made by Israel was depending upon the United States to help it achieve peace. “It is a mistake to think anyone else can do it for you.” it must be accomplished by Israel and Palestinian leaders coming together and compromising in order to attain peace.

President Sarkozy admitted he also feared Iran’s potential as an atomic power leader, but also felt it was necessary to move forward in a cautious and united manner. The French president also made clear to Israel leaders he disagreed with their policies of continuing housing construction on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem. Although France and the EU wish a safe and secure Israel, he felt it important to also note mistakes made by Israel in pursuit of that goal.