Sarkozy Urges Permanent EU President

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are urging shifting from a rotating president of the European Union to making it a permanent position. “We need a president of the Council(the institution representing all EU member states) that does not change every six months,”said Mr. Barroso. The European Union needs a sense of permanency and a leadership that will assert the collective might and ideas of all members. Barraaso is interested in having Sarkozy serve as the president of the European Union on a permanent basis, but it is still unclear if the French president would be willing to surrender his present leadership of the French nation.

The European Union has evolved into a powerful coalition of 27 nations, but it is time to move on to the next stage of a united nation composed of its federal units. The world needs a powerful EU, particularly at a time when the United States might wind up with a John McCain presidency. The world needs a powerful alternative to the United States which is floundering and confused.

  • Joe

    Your floundering and confused

  • sandra

    eu i dont like it because they are creating the roman empire which will bring in the coming of Jesus christ our lord and saviour so it will be sad news for those who are not read to meet the lord because they will be forced to take the mark of the beast if not they will be hanged first days later on others will be killed through the cutting of heard using a harper i hate eu because they will be an evil empire headed by the antichrist that will atart in 2010 they will divide themselves into 10 parts and later on they will divide the world into 10 organisation nations parts

  • Fred Stopsky

    As I recall, Jesus Christ was a nice Jewish man who believed in peace and did not hate anyone. You obviously, are not a follower of the loving Jesus because you have so much hate in your heart. I feel sorry for you.

  • Brightness

    I am interested in knowing where exactly issues of Roman Empire creation is in the Bible and its connectedness with the permanent position of EU president. Please Please I have heard about it and argued about it after recognising it on TBN by a certain Pastor, but could not get hold of the scripture.