Saudi Arabia Denies Women Vote

In the lexicon of words to use in order that one can explain the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “gender equity” simply can not be found. The head of an electoral committee charged with developing the process for elections to local offices made clear it was not time for women to participate in deciding who ran the city council. “We are not ready for participation of women in these municipal elections.” After all, deciding who should handle garbage collection is definitely in the expertise of a man. King Abdullah wants to get people of his land involved in the political process in order to head off street demonstrations and cries for massive political changes. The last time citizens were allowed to vote was in 2005 when men elected half the members of local municipal councils. It was felt at that time women simply could not be allowed to engage in such thinking.

Who should be surprised that a nation which does not allow women to drive a car or leave the house without permission of a male relative or husband would not be allowed to vote for dog catcher?