Saudi Arabia Detains Freedom Fighters

The US Senate just passed a resolution which denies the Palestinian Authority of the right to use the United Nations in order to achieve their independence. The US Senate is concerned that governments in the world enter into direct negotiations and do not attempt to circumvent such discussions. In 2007, a group of Saudi Arabian lawyers, educators, and political activists met in order to discuss how they might work with their government to institute any aspect of democracy. They were arrested and since that date have been held in “detention.” Their lawyer is not allowed to visit or speak with them, he is not allowed to present to the court any documents which might support their right to freedom. Finally, they will go to trial. The result might be more jail time, or some form of release. Of course, the government of Saudi Arabia is NOT being warned by the US Senate to negotiate with those who want peaceful transition to a democracy.

Gee, I am confused. I thought our brave US Senators wanted direct negotiation. I forgot since those in jail lack money to help American politicians get elected, these noble warriors of freedom don’t give a damn. AIPAC, interested in helping those who really want freedom??