Saudi Arabia Educates Terrorists

The United States of America spends hundreds of billions of dollars in the war to end terrorist activities in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is supposedly an ally in this war against terrorism, but our “ally” is most probably the greatest source of terrorism in the world. We forget that 90% of those who participated in 9/11 bombings were Saudi Arabian citizens. A recent survey in the United Kingdom disclosed about 5,000 Muslim students in the UK who attended weekend Muslim schools were being educated based on the Saudi Arabian curriculum for children. Young children are taught to list the “reprehensible qualities” of Jews as well as learning that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes. A child of six is taught that anyone who is not a Muslim is bound for eternity in Hell. A textbook for adolescents defends Sharia law and its punishments: “for thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence and their foot for a subsequent one.

Education Secretary Michael Gove admitted his nation had no control over what transpires in Saudi Arabia, but he is asking for an investigation as to what happens when English Muslims use textbooks that preach hatred of anyone who is not Muslim. The president of the United States should file an official protest to the Saudi Arabian government as to how their education programs can result in the death of American soldiers.