Saudi Arabia Enters The 17th Century With Female Hotel

The Saudi Arabian government is determined to hold back the clock of time and maintain its outdated ideas about the role of women in modern life. The kingdom has opened it’s first hotel exclusively for women and it will be women owned and operated. The Luthan Hotel’s execuive director, Lorraine Coutinho, exclaimed: “Inside this physical structure, we are all women. We even have bell-women. We are women-owned, women-managed and women-run from our IT engineer to our electrical engineer. This is meeting a very big demand. There are women’s hotels all over the world from Berlin to the United States.” The hotel and spa is owned by a group of Suadi princesses and businesswomen but it was left to seven princes headed by Sultan bin Salman to officially inaugarate the hotel.

The few female journalists who attended the opening were struck by the reality it was men who dominated the opening ceremonies and one whispered the comment: “You know what they’re saying about this place, that it’s the hotel for lesbians.”

Yes, there are female only hotels and spas in many nations, but women in those countries can drive cars and gain access to all occpuations. The reason for such an hotel is to further separation of women from the mainstream of male dominated society, not to assist the fight fo women rights.