Saudi Arabia, Friend Of Democracy!

Saudi Arabia is classified as being  among the “good guys” in this world since their leaders oppose “bad guys” like Iran or al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Of course, money from Saudi Arabia helped to create the Taliban, but that was then and now is now. Now, in a jail in Saudi Arabia our dear friend and ally is preparing to put to death by crucifixion seven men. One of the seven got a message to the world in which he claimed that at age 15 he was involved in a robbery of a jewelry store. “I killed no one. I didn’t have weapons while robbing the store, but the police tortured me, beat me up and threatened to assault my mother to extract confessions that I had a weapon with me, while I was only 15.”

King Abdullah, one of the “good guys” who stands with those in “western civilization” which opposes the tyrannical evil civilization ratified the death sentences. Sarhan al-Mashayeh, the main defendant will be crucified over the course of three days and then shot to death by a firing squad. Gee, I am glad we have those who support democracy  on our side!