Saudi Arabia, Land Of Democracy?

The United States of America is fortunate to be allied with Saudi Arabia in the struggle to defend the world against religious fanaticism. Of course, according to Princess Barma Bint Saudi bin Abdul Aziz(I get lost just writing her name) the youngest daughter of the nation’s second king and niece of the current king, there is something rotten in the state of Saudi Arabia. She is one of the 15,000 members of the royal family which controls a country of millions. Ms. Aziz, who is divorced and on Facebook as well as living in London, “you have 2,000(of the 15,000) who are multi-millionaires, who have all the power, all the wealth and not one can utter a word against them.”

She spent most of her life under the rule of the notorious, Commission for the Promotion of Virtue  and Prevention of Vices” which is ready to whip, torture, imprison of chop off the head of those lacking virtues. For people of Saudi Arabia, says Ms. Aziz, “it is such a non-tolerant atmosphere.” The religious police have “a dangerous effect on society” by segregating men and women and brain-washing them to believe women exist to serve.

There is something sad about a nation in the 21st century which believes allowing a woman to drive a car is the first step on the road to ending society. We recommend to the Commission For the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices, that its ideas would be warmly welcomed by current candidates for the Republican presidential nomination!