Saudi Arabia Mediates Afghanistan-Taliban Conflict

Saudi Arabia has done more to spread Islamic militancy than any other force in Asia, but apparently its rulers have finally recognized that establishing religious schools in which children are taught to hate the West and other religions in the end creates chaos. Saudi Arabian leaders have finally grasped they must do something to halt the slide into disaster which has resulted in the Taliban making it impossible for the Afghanistan government to function. Afghanistan and Taliban leaders met last m onth during Ramadan in Mecca and entered into discussions with the assistance of Saudi mediators.

A diplomat who was privy to the discussions said, “they(Saudi) want to help because Pakistan is frightening. They fear what could happen in Pakistan. This(mediation) is to stabilize Pakistan.” The goal is to entice the Taliban away from hardliner elements wedded to the alliance with al-Qaeda whose ideology backs suicide bombings in a war against the West. Saudi Arabia helped create the monster that was al-Qaeda and now it must destroy its own creation.