Saudi Arabia–Terrorist Nation?

Saudi Arabia is a firm ally of the United States in the war against terrorism. Of course, terrorism is defined as those who use violent means to express hatred of western nations or those ruling their own countries. Ruyati binti Satubi was a young girl from Indonesia who heard about possibilities of work in Saudi Arabia. She got a visa and came to the Middle Eastern country where she soon found employment. She did not realize that abuse of females working in Saudi homes is common. She was abused, threatened by her employer, denied wages and when she asked to be released from her contract in order to go home, the man laughed at her and denied the request. At some point the young woman, alone in a strange land, lacking access to friends, finally lost her temper and killed the employer.

This is not an unusual occurrence by Asian who obtain work in Saudi Arabia where they are treated like semi-slaves. In many cases, the abused immigrant fights back, but in most cases this only results in jail on grounds they broke a work contract. The Indonesian government is furious because they asked Saudi Arabia to allow a representative of their Embassy to attend the trial. The Saudi government said there was no trial scheduled for June. On June 18, 2011, Ms.Sabuti was placed on trial, did not have access to a lawyer from her government and sentenced to death. She was executed.

So, why exactly, is Saudi Arabia our ally in the war against terrorism?