Saudi Clerics Condemn Hezbollah

Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia sharply attacked Hezbollah as a secret arm of the Shiite Iranian government whose real aim is to destroy the power of Sunnis in the Middle East. They insisted many Muslims have been fooled by the Shiites who claim to lead the fight against Israel. The Shiites were accused to humiliating Sunnis and destabililzing Muslim cuntries such as in Yemen where Shiite rebels are leading a civil war against the Sunni government.

The statement was signed by 22 leading religious scholars in Sauid Arabia. Too many American leaders perceive there is such as thing as “the Muslim world” when, in reality, there are sharp divisions among the vast majority of Muslims. Hezbollah efforts in Lebanon are portrayed as being focused against Israel when they are equally aimed at destroying Sunni power in that nation.