Saudi Girls Flee Into Hands Of Police Or Parents

ccSaudi Arabia is among the bastions of democracy and freedom in the struggle to end terrorism in the world. However, if a young girl feels herself abused at home and attempts to flee, the options are rather clear–go to a shelter and become a ward of the state or return to mom and dad and whatever the problem that led to flight. The International Muslim Organization for Women and Children which is located in Jeddah reports an ever rising number of these girls are fleeing home in search of greater freedom. According to Dr. Bahazig, “we used to receive one case a month and now are receiving more than ten a month.” The organization estimates about 3,000 Saudi girls leave home, but that may not be an accurate figure since the government does not keep records of these incidents.

If a young girl is abused and calls the police they will not respond since children are under the control of parents, not authorities. Of course, in Saudi Arabia just walking down the street unaccompanied by a male is dangerous for any girl. If the girl departs, and dad files a missing girl report, the police are obligated to return the girl home.

Such is life for the girls of Saudi Arabia. Shut your mouth and do what mom and dad demand.