Saudi Government Tries To Outdo Iran

I have been told for decades there are Muslim nations which harbor terrorists and engage in barbaric practices such as stoning women to death for heinous crimes like holding a man’s hand. Of course, Saudi Arabia is one of the “good Muslim nations” because it sells us oil and any nation that helps quench our oil thirst must be one of the good guys. A court in Saudi Arabia was hearing the case of a man who during an argument used a meat cleaver in the fight and his action resulted in severing the spinal cord of the other man. The court decided to revert to the old Biblical adage of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this case, they want to exchange a severed cord for a severed cord. A judge approached hospitals in order to inquire if they would be willing to use a medical procedure to cut the defendant’s spinal cord. Amnesty International has urged the Saudi government not to return to medieval ideas and punish the man in a normal manner. Of course, Islam also urges forgiveness, as do many religions.

The world is aroused at the proposed stoning to death of an Iranian woman which many critics cite as evidence fanatics rule country. We wonder if similar anger will be directed at Saudi Arabia, the dispenser of justice and oil.

Of course, it might be interesting to apply such principles in America:

Glenn Beck will be compelled to take a class in Constitutional law and a class in American history.

Rudy Giuliani would be compelled to join an army unit fighting in Afghanistan in order to demonstrate how he defeated Osama bin Laden.

Sarah Palin would be forbidden to smirk while talking.

OOps, I forgot, the Saudis hate al-Qaeda so they must be the good guys.