Saudi Great Lingerie Boycott

A group of Saudi women are organizing a campaign to boycott lingerie stores on grounds they refuse to hire women as salesclerks and this compels females to feel embarrassed. The goal is to push for implementation of a 2006 law which says only female staff can be employed in women’s apparel stores. Boycotters want women to only purchase lingerie at the few women-only lingerie stores as a mark of solidarity with their fellow women. The female only stores do not have windows which prevents men from peering in to see women touching or doing something with lingerie.

There are times when to the outside world one wonders exactly how the government and culture of Saudi Arabia prioritizes its issues of concern. War, famine, the fight for a Palestinian state and a few other minor issues might be lingering around, but to some Saudis the topic of today is lingerie and who sells it. Pull down the shades.