Saudi Journalist Blasts Hamas

Saudi journalist, Mussad al-Hamis, writing in the London-based newspaper, Al-Hayat, strongly attacked the behavior and words of Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and made the accusation he “wishes to be the Al Capone of Lebanon, and the Arabs, to sit in his lair, and receive orders from the Great Satan(Iran) and carry them out in exchange for a fistful of dollars.” He ridiculed Nasrallah’s declaration of an “open war with Israel.” The writer asked,”What war does he
mean? Does it make sense to put the decision on whether to declare war or establish peace in Lebanaqon and the region in the hands of a man like Hasah Nasrallah? If such a war were to break out, no one but Allah knows when or how it will end.”

The article most probably would not had been written without some consultation with the government of Saudi Arabia. It reflects a sense of fatigue on the part of many Arabs about the nonstop fighting and killing in the Middle East. Most probably, they are tired of Kassam rockets hitting Israel and the IDF response of bombing and killing. Perhaps, there is a growing awareness in the region that peace would be a welcome rest. Now, is the time for the Israel government to make some dramatic announcement. It might well pick up on the latest study which revealed one-third of land seized on the West Bank for settlements was in violation of Israeli law. Why not take control of those homes and turn them over to Palestinian refugees as a symbol of peace and reconciliation?