Saudi Justice –300 Lashes For No Male Guardian!

I am so proud that we Americans have Saudi Arabian ally in the war against evil terrorists. Imagine if terrorists gained control of Saudi Arabia and imposed their fundamentalist ideas upon the population! To show you who our Saudi ally really is, read on. A Saudi court sentenced a woman to a year and half in jail for coming to government offices to lodge a complaint against her husband WITHOUT HAVING A LEGAL MALE GUARDIAN ALONG!! She is upset at her husband and went to see authorities which is a calm and decent approach to handling a family problem. But, in dear old modern Saudi Arabia, coming to talk with men about a husband without the company of a male relative is a violation of every 15th century dictum of the Muslim religion. Or at least, that is the view of Saudi officials.

Oh, she will also receive 300 lashes for her terrible action. What can one say about such “allies?”