Saudi King Abdullah Lectures West On Terroism

Robert Fist, writing in the British newspaper, The Independent, ripped into visiting King Abdullah as a hypocrite whose claims to fight terrorism can only be described as laughable. Saudi Arabia has been funding madrasas schools all over the world which preach hatred toward the west and modernism and educate children to be willing to die by becoming suicide bombers. The Saudi government funded and aided the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, and most of the 9/11 bombers came from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. Yet the King claims his country is fighting terrorism. During the 1980, notes Fisk, it was Saudi Arabia which helped fund and provide equipment for Saddam when he invaded Iran and launched gas attacks– using components from America for the gas equipment– that killed thousands of Iranians. There were no protests either by Saudi Arabia or the Reagan administration in Washington D.C. It was Saudi Arabian religious scholars who backed the Taliban when they destroyed ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, it was the Saudi government which destroyed the ruins of ancient Jewish settlements in their land because they didn’t want evidence Jews had ever been present on the Arabian peninsula. As Fisk notes, “The sad awful truth is that we fete these people, we fawn on them we supply them with fighter planes, whiskey and whores.” And, a nation in which 14 girls in March, 2002 died in a fire because religious police didn’t want them leaving the building without proper Muslim attire, the British Foreign Office claims their nation shares “common values” with Saudi Arabia. Do those values include chopping off the heads of gays?

The bottom line is as long as western nations desperately need the oil of Saudi Arabia they will fawn and bow before the reactionary oil merchants of the Middle East.