Saudi Lash For Love

Saudi Arabia is among the most stalwart allies of the United States of America in the fight to end terrorism in the world. I assume America opposes terrorists because they seek to install totalitarian regimes which stifle freedom, including religious freedom. It is great that we Americans have Saudi Arabia on our side. Mansor Almaribe, an Australian Muslim, made a Hajj pilgrimage to Medina and was praying in a mosque when arrested. He is charged with blasphemy.

Lacking money, Mr. Almaribe was unable to afford a lawyer. Of course, one wonders how a man who is praying in a mosque can be accused of blasphemy, but in Saudi Arabia, if clerics say you are a bad person, by definition, you are bad. Mr. Almaribe suffers from diabetes, heart disease and other health problems, but what the heck, what can go wrong if he gets 500 lashes?

In 2003, the Australian government was unable to halt 300 lashes imposed on a 55 year old Australian man  who was flogged because of thefts by his wife. At times, I wonder why we invaded Iraq if we were concerned about democracy rather than invading Saudi Arabia?