Saudi Police Smash Vice Ring To Save Democracy!

America and the world’s democracies are very fortunate to have an ally such as Saudi Arabia whose forces are ever on guard to protect the people of that happy land from having to encounter such evil events as men and women walking and talking together. Yesterday, members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hay) smashed a ring of sex mad men and women who were attending a fair organized by British universities to help Saudi youth select a college. The police entered college grounds posing as representatives of a government body and made women leave the premises to avoid having them come into contact with the body of an evil man– male relatives, by definition, are not evil.

Not only were Saudi women made to leave but so were British women. The British women were serving as representatives of the 25 colleges which advertised their institutions since it made common sense to have women serve Saudi women. But, in the glorious democracy of Saudi Arabia even having women serve women is illegal if a man is within seeing distance.

Is the fact Saudi Arabia has oil the reason the world puts up with their nonsense?

  • Ali Al-Shaery

    First, I think you agree with me that a visitor of a foriegn country should respect the country’s laws, culture, religion practise. We respect your culture so you have to respect ours as well. I am saudi student in Australia and I respect thier way of life even though I don’t agree on many things. but when we applied for visa we declare that we respect thier culture and way of lives. if misbehaviour happens from any person not knowing our laws, culture and religion, the wrong should be corrected.

  • Fred Stopsky

    How about common sense. You have the right to attend a British university seminar even if British women were present. Why can’t Saudi women attend such an event? Years ago in America, it was part of our “culture” that black skinned people sat in the back of buses and did not have equal rights.