Saudi Sour On USA

Things are not OK at the OK corral in Saudi Arabia. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the local deputy sheriff is upset because the United States will not bomb Syria or send in its troops to get rid of evil President Assad. Bandar wants an end to banding about and get some US troops on the ground getting killed in the name of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is disappointed at failure of Israel to actually engage in honest discussions, it is upset because European and American diplomats are working with Iran and the evil Shiites in order to resolve problems. Let me get this clear-Saudi Arabia wants Israel-Palestine negotiations to resolve conflict, but it opposes Western-Iranian negotiations because Saudi does NOT want the end of that conflict.

Prince Bandar will not talk with the United States in the old familiar manner of the past. He will give a cold shoulder until the US ceases its discussions with Iran and returns to the good old days of hate. Ironically, the Saudi foreign policy toward Iran is the same as that of Israel. Has Saudi Arabia considered entering into an alliance with Israel?