Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain

The nation of Bahrain contains a majority of people who adhere to the Shiite form of the Muslim religion while the ruling monarch is a Sunni. This makes for a rather unusual arrangement in governance. During the past few weeks, pro-democracy protesters have roamed the streets of this tiny oil rich nation demanding a new democratic form of government. For the most part, they have not urged the end of the monarchy so much as creation of a government that represents the views of the majority. During these demonstrations, seven people have been killed and two days ago the police charged into one crowd firing rubber bullets and beating up people. Naturally, there was a counter action and Shiite demonstraters took over the financial district. In a state of panic, the king has asked for aid from the Gulf Cooperation Council. Yesterday a thousand Saudi Arabian soldiers with weapons, and armed vehicles entered the nation and took up positions in the district of Ruffa which is the area containing the royal family.

This is the first time any Arab leader has called for aid from other Arab nations in order to maintain power. Even as Libyan rebels seek help from the Arab League, a precedent has been established by the arrival of Arab soldiers in another nation. Will this concept spread to aiding Libyan rebels?