Saudi Woman Drives Home Point About Driving!

Ruwalda Al-Habis watched her father and brother get caught in a fire which caused severe burn injuries. Ignoring the laws of Saudi Arabia, she got them in the family car, went behind the wheel and used the driving skills taught her by dad to get her brother and father to the emergency exit of the hospital. Ordinarily, when victims are brought to an emergency door, hospital workers jump quickly to the task of aiding the victims, but this was Saudi Arabia. Instead, they gathered around Ruwaida loudly exclaiming, “YOU drove them here?” Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world which bans all women from driving cars. A woman who works has to get relatives to get her there as well as making certain she can go shopping or even to pray at a mosque.

The story of Ruwalda’s drive was a front page item in many Saudi newspapers. She joins several other women whose decision to drive a car made headlines in a nation that alternates between life in medieval and modern times. Of course, there is nothing in the Koran or any religious writing of Mohammad about what women can drive. One can only assume they rode camels in his day. There are reports Saudi women living in rural areas enjoy more freedom when it comes to driving since reality takes precedence over the faith of a small minded men.

Last month a new group of women named, Committee of Demanders Of Woman’s Right to Drive” collected 3,000 signatures. We can assume they did not drive around to round up the signatures. For some reason there apparently is no driving reason on the part of the government to halt this project.