Saudi Women May Vote– I Think?

There is a nation called, Saudi Arabia, in which men folk sort of run the show. It all sort of comes back to what Muhammad said or did not say, even religious folk can not agree on what were the views of the central figure in the Muslim religion about women. King Abdullah attempted to open some new ways of thinking for those who prefer life in the 13th century. He announced that women will be allowed to vote and run for positions at the municipal level of government. “Women will be able to run as candidates in the municipal election and will even have the right to vote.”

Naturally, most thinking women thought it was an important first step on the long, long, long path to some sort of equality with men. Of course, the king’s announcement will have an impact on the world since his nation is the last to deny women the right to vote. Reaction is best summed up in a statement by  Ahmed al-Omran, Saudi blogger. “Saudi women can go to vote. But, on foot!” Women still are denied the right to drive a car.