Saudis Sweep Maids Away

Over the past thirty years, hundreds of thousands have migrated from Asian nations such as Indonesia in order to find work in Saudi Arabia. A high percent are legal immigrants, but there are countless maids or garbage collectors who entered illegally. Most employers prefer legal immigrants because they usually seize passports, force maids to work 90 hours a week and financially underpay them for the virtual slavery in which they live. Saudis prefer Indonesian maids who are devout Muslims. But, constant reports of long hours, no pay and physical abuse have resulted in a ban by Indonesia for those seeking jobs in Saudi Arabia.

It is always ironic how Muslim clerics are ready to protest a cartoon, but rarely raise voices when Muslims are abused by fellow Muslims. There are no protests in any Middle Eastern nation about the abuse of maids and other foreign workers, but if you want a demonstration, just shout the word, “Israel.” This blog wonders when Muslim clerics and human rights activists will take up the plight of foreign workers in their lands?