Save America-End Sharia Law!!

The people of North Carolina can sleep peacefully these days now that its glorious State Senate has risen to the challenge of halting the imposition of Sharia law upon the populace. Its State Senate passed legislation that  prevents any entity from imposing Sharia law upon the people of their fair state. Frankly, I was not aware of the power possessed by  radical Muslim militants in the state of North Carolina but feel very comforted that those Muslims can not force with Jews or Christians to obey some damn militant cleric.

Oh, in the process of handling Sharia law members of the State Senate added on a few extra goodies-banning abortion in their state. It was done quickly before many state senators even knew this one was  going to be subject to a vote. Even Republican Governor Pat McCrory exploded with anger and noted that “regardless of what party is in charge or what important issue is being discussed the process must be appropriate and thorough.”

Where did he get the idea that issues should be debated? Is this McCrory some sort of Muslim fundamentalist cleric? As State Senator Tom Apodaca commented: “let’s get on with this and enjoy our holiday.”