Say, About Detroit Bailout…

As all Americans know by this time, Mitt Romney is a great businessman and Ron Santorum opposes any form of government handout–unless it is an earmark for a project in Pennsylvania. Mitt penned an article in a Detroit newspaper which ran under the headline: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” Mitt argued the Obama rescue of General Motors was wrong and car manufacturers should have been allowed to go bankrupt. After all, that is how Mitt made his money with Bain.

Ron Santorum argues if they had “gone through orderly bankruptcy process, gone through a structured bankruptcy, they’d come out in the right place.” Mitt argued helping out GM  meant you “can kiss the American automobile industry goodbye.”

Oh, GM is now once again the world’s largest manufacturer of cars and is recording record profits. I guess that’s what happens when you keep folks from Bain away from your company. Somehow, I doubt if people in Michigan agree with the Gold Dust Twins of Economic Ignorance.