Say, About That Surge In Iraq…..

We all recall a few years ago, ever defiant President George Bush authorized a surge in the number of troops being sent to Iraq in order to crush remaining al-Qaeda groups. The surge was commanded by General David Petraeus, among the great leaders of our armed forces. I know Grant commanded an army of a few hundred thousand who defeated the South and Eisenhower commanded a joint British-American armed force numbering into the millions who clashed with the best army in the world–the German army, but neither of those men confronted the challenges posed to David Petraeus who faced TERRORISTS in a few cities. Intelligence officers reveal there has been a new surge–only it comes from foreign members of al-Qaeda who are returning to Iraq. Iraq sources claim recent attacks are by men who are “non-Arabic Arabs.” There is also indication, several Sunni Arab nations who are allies of the Americans are sending aid to al-Qaeda, which is Sunni, in order to destabilize the Shiite Iraq government.

Among recent men killed in Iraq were four Jordanians, Tunisians and those from nations like Morocco. We Americans once more are caught in a dilemma– who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?