Say, “Im Sorry,” And Sky Does Not Fall

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents an image of toughness. It wants to make certain that Adolf Hitler gets its message that “never again” is still on top of the agenda. OK, so Hitler is dead, OK, so there is no German threat, but what about them damn Arabs?? Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu revealed there had been quiet diplomacy between his nation and Israel over the demand for an apology that arose when Israel soldiers killed Turkish citizens who were engaged in criminal activities to provide goods to those in Gaza. Instead of allowing these goods to enter Gaza, Bibi wanted to show the world he is one tough guy and has Israel troops assault civilians.

According to Davutoglu there was intense diplomatic pressure on Israel to apologize. John Kerry on a recent visit to Turkey discussed the issue and when President Obama came to Israel he persuaded Bibi that saying “I’m Sorry” does not lead to the sky falling. I understand that John McCain lacks any respect for  Obama’s diplomatic skills, but this is one example of how the black dude fostered peace. I doubt if John McCain could have accomplished this task of peace.