Say It Ain’t So Joe!

I confess to being a fan of the Penn State football team which allows me moments of joy when they win football games. I am from New York  City which lacks good football teams so years ago I decided to root for Penn State since I liked its coach, Joe Paterno. Alas, the past few days have been filled with horrible stories about his defensive coach who systematically and for years abused young boys.  There are reports Penn State officials were told about these stories and did nothing.

Joe Paterno has always presented himself as a real decent man. He apparently cares about his players and is adored by most. So, what happened? I suspect it is the common American disease that afflicts those who gain large fortunes or large fame. They inhabit a world in which their actions have no consequence because money or fame or contacts allow suppression of bad news concerning their lives.

Joe, you just got fired by Penn State. Sorry Joe, you did not adhere to rules of the game and now are suspended–indefinitely!