Say It Ain’t So, Silvio!

Silvio Berlusconi is the richest person in Italy, he has been prime minister for years and with his control of the media it is difficult for opposing views to gain much credibility. However, he currently is facing charges of corruption and having sexual relations with a young women. Naturally, the very idea of being in a court where someone might convict him who is not susceptible of being bribed is not what Berlusconi people are used to encountering. So, Silvio submitted a referendum to the people of his fair land in order to get their approval. Gee, it turns out, the people are not longer his people.

On the question of expansion of nuclear energy a resounding–NO.

On the question of privatizing water, a resounding—NO.

On the question of making it difficult for those in government positions to be forced into courts–a resounding–NO

At least 57% of eligible voters turned out to vote and 95% voted down Berlusconi proposals.

Perhaps, Berlusconi and his buddies might be better off in a court of law!