Perhaps, I am naive, but I always regarded Silvio Berlusconi as a wonderful model for those of us over 80 who have difficulty getting it up since he can get it up anytime of day or night or whichever age woman he engages in the pursuit of love and you-know-what. Charges are flying about which claim Silvio had sex with an underage girl named, Karimaa el-Mahroug who also has been called, Ruby the Heartstealer. Most probably these charges are tghe result of efforts by the Mafia or Mossad or some secret agency which seeks to destroy the nation of Italy focusing on the man of the hour, the Italian Rudy Giuliani of Italy. There are allegations Silvio intervened to get Ruby out of jail by leaning on police, a charge which he denies. From his perspective, the mere mention of his name should get anyone released and NOW! This charge if proven guilty could lead to a jail sentence of 4-12 years. The underage charge only results in four months to four years.

Oh, the bad news for Silvio. The trial is set for April 6 and a preliminary hearing is no necessary since the prosecution believes there is overwhelming evidence to convict. Oh, the really bad, bad news is the case will be heard by Judge Cristina Di Censo and two other female judges.

Then again, Silvio could use his charm to…..