Say It’s So, Joe!

Joe Biden is a throwback to the old time politician who speaks bluntly, speaks to the point and never holds back from reality. He continually blasted Paul Ryan for his non ceasing distortions of what has or is transpiring in America. Ryan originally wanted to impose a voucher system on those in their fifties, but now hedges and says they can have Medicare or the voucher. He wants a fair system of taxation, but that means lower taxes on the wealthy and more expenses for poor and middle class folk.

Joe let Paul have it and made clear when malarky was being spouted, it was malarky. Hopefully, the real winner in this debate is the American people and the real learner is a man named Barack Obama. Ryan and Romney never stop lying and it is the responsibility of Obama to point out lies to the American public. Biden did not fail to challenge every statement of Ryan.

As Joe noted, the American president can not be responsible for over 200 embassies in the world. No prior president has ever been help responsible for what happens in the Libya embassy or in South Africa.