Say, That Famous Surge….

Senator  John McCain subjected prospective future Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to a brutal  cross examination because Hagel would not agree the famous “surge” of former General David Petraeus worked in Iraq. McCain insisted that “history” proved it did. Yesterday, in that same country of Iraq once again suicide bombers killed a few dozen people when they drove their car into a government building in Kirkuk and followed up with gun toting men blasting away. Senator McCain, every day another suicide bomber is blowing himself up in Iraq. Every day another group of al-Qaeda operatives are dying in order to kill and main fellow Iraqis. Yet, you insist the “surge worked.”

Reality is the “surge” did reduce the  level of death by insurgents in  Iraq, but it did NOT end violence, it did not crush al-Qaeda and it did not end the need for troops on the ground. At this point, they are  Iraqi soldiers and they fight and die every day in the aftermath of the famous “surge” that ended violence in Iraq!