Say, Whatever Happened To??

The other day figures were released by polling groups which indicated that a majority of those who identify themselves as “Republicans” were satisfied with being a member of the health plan created by the Affordable Care Act. You remember, I am certain you remember the words of doom and gloom emanating from the Republican party about passage of this law? Who can forget the nation’s leading expert on health care–someone named, Sarah Palin, informing the nation that first they passed a law that provided health care to people, and next will come the black uniformed troops entering your home to rape mom and sister and wife. So, I began wondering:

1. What ever happened to those Death Panels which sent granny off to an early death?

2. What ever happened to bureaucrats telling doctors how to operate?

3. What ever happened to the end of private medical care in America?

4. What ever happened to young people refusing to sign up for health care?

5. What ever happened to escalating costs of health care?

6. What ever happened to the end of democracy in America? After all, once people have access to health care, then….