We offer to the public a collection of comments by Chairman Ron Paul on life and people.

1. “As far as I know, Adolf Hitler did not kill any Americans before we got into a war with him.”

2. “If you are poor, how about  getting a job?”

3.  “I am more than willing to treat at least five sick people each week who lack money to pay for medical expenses. Of course, I expect them to take care of some  work around my house.”

4. “Nothing prevents a person in wheel chair from leaning down to pick up  papers on the ground.?

5.  “Women raped in Congo? I recommend they make certain those who rape use contraceptives.”

6.  “American businessmen invested over $300,000 to build the transcontinental railroad. The Federal government only invested $200,000,000. Free enterprise at work for America.”

7.” I strongly recommend the best plan to reduce medical costs is for people not to get sick.”

8. “Perhaps government built roads, canals, bridges and ports,but it was American business which used them.”