Scalia Scales Height Of Ignorance0

Justice Anthony Scalia is very upset because Judge Richard Posner claims he allows his personal views to influence court decisions. Tony Scalia wants the American people to know that he abides by the original intention of the Constitution and this has nothing to do with his personal views. “We are textualists. We are originalists. We are not nuts.” He points the death penality was standard punishment so how can the death penalty be viewed as unconstitutional.

OK Tony, the original Constitution said slavery was perfectly legal. I do not think any of the FOUNDING FATHERS would have interpreted free speech to mean a corporation, but Justice Scalia apparently believed that was their original intention.

For many years Supreme Court justices said it was constitutional to have laws restricting ownership of guns. Then justices like Tony Scalia appeared and the court changed its views. Justice Scalia accused Judge Posner of  being a “liar.” Sorry Tony, the evidence is clear –you are a liar and that is the original intention of the Constitution!