Scandal Of Inadequate Training For US Troops Deployed To Iraq!

The Ft. Irwin National Training Center is regarded as the best facility to prepare troops for what they will confront in Iraq when dealing with IED weapons. At Irwin, soldiers experience simulations and analyze mistakes that might result in loss of life. In the early stages of the Iraq war, Bush’s rush to judgement resulted in few troops receiving such training and this undoubtedly resulted in the death of many soldiers. It is now four years later and three of twenty-two Army brigades in Iraq –15,000 men — have not received IED training at Irwin or other sites offering such training. Even at Irwin, there are no armored vehicles, electronic equipment and other tools used in preventing IED attacks. Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Mass, recently visited Camp Shelby which offers IED training. He pulled over a soldier and asked him if was familiar with jammers –signals used to detonate IEDs. The soldier had a confused look on his face and then turned toward the dashboard and asked if the JAMMER designation was what the congressman was inquiring about.

During World War II, America produced a hundred thousand planes, fifty thousand tanks, and ships sliding into the water literally on the hour, but, for some reason in the current Bush war, our fighting men and women lack proper equipment. This is a national scandal. During World War II, Senator Harry Truman conducted extensive investigations about wartime incompetence in furnishing our soldiers with the proper equipment. We need a modern version of the old Truman investigating committee.

  • Colin

    Hello Fred,
    I found your blog through BTF, and it’s very interesting reading :)

    British troops face much the same situations, with many being new recruits, trained for a few weeks then sent off to Iraq and Afghanistan without proper equipment and certainly without proper training!!

    The whole thing is shambolic, and incompetence seems to be the leader of the day.

  • steve lambert

    Your facts are inaccurate. Fort Irwin is where most active components are trained. I cannot speak to the active Army brigades but am relatively sure that the brigades of which you speak are Reserve component brigades (specifically National Guard). Every Soldier of every National Guard Brigade who is deployed to theater receives IED training through one of three methods. Either through the Combat Readiness Course at Fort Benning, alongside their unit at one of ten mobilization training centers during their mobiliztion training, or through the Warrior Platoon at either Camp Shelby and Fort Bliss. This training is documented and certified. The Army, unlike the media (and blogs), does not enjoy the luxury of sweeping undocumented generalizations like yours. All training is documented and verified to respond to Congressional and media (legitimate) inquires. You might want to check your facts a little better next time you make a broad sweeping statement.

  • Fred Stopsky

    My information was obtained from the Military Times, a publication that is noted for its concern for the welfare of our fighting men and women. Are you claiming to possess more informed information than the Army Times, the Navy Times, the Marine Corps Times, and the Air Force Times? I report what reliable sources say.