Scandals Rock America

If the American people continue electing  as their president a Communist Socialist atheist Muslim it is simply only a matter of time before this sickness permeates the entire population. Lance Armstrong is revealed to be a drug user and an athlete who refused to allow his natural talent to prove his worth. A Notre Dame linebacker somehow in some way conducted a love affair with a non-existent female and just about every newscaster wants him to tell his non-story to the public. And, to make matters worse, the singer who sang The Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration actually did not sing the song but recorded it and lip sang.

What is happening to our nation? The explanation is simple. Radical Americans seized control of our government, they allowed abortions, they allowed gays and lesbians to run wild, and they now want to legalize drugs. Big government runs this nation and now it is time for government to deny women the right to control their bodies. After all, those who believe in government not seizing our guns insist that government seize little bodies inside the tummies of women!

In fact, why isn’t  every new born given a gun to hold while in their crib?If mom or dad does not pick them up when the diaper is filthy, the only solution is bang!